Jason Brooks Archery Guru

My name is Jason Brooks and I’ve been involved with archery for more than 25 years now. My first bow was an absolute piece of junk compound bow purchased from a local pawn shop. It was hideous and I’m not even sure what brand it was.

However, as awful as that bow was it was enough to get me interested in the sport along with help from a neighbor who was an avid bowhunter. I eventually bought a nicer Hoyt bow from him and started honing my skills.

When a local archery shop and range opened I took the opportunity to work for them at age 14 and bartered for equipment. I kept up the grounds, setup for 3d shoots and performed other odd jobs around the place. I was now immersed in the sport of Archery, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As a teenager I attended countless 3D archery tournaments with my dad and people I’d become friends with as an archer. I took a number of trophies and ribbons at local events, tournaments, and leagues.

I never considered myself good enough to pursue any sort of career as an archer, but I did enjoy shooting very much.

Years later I still enjoy shooting, mostly in my backyard, and I’ve learned so much about bows, arrows, and the sport in general. Now I’m excited to share my experience and any new knowledge I gain with all of you.

I hope you come to enjoy Archery as much as I have and find the information contained on this site to be helpful.