Archery Release for Large Hands (With 5 Top Picks)

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An Archery release that is too small for Large Hands.

I’m a pretty big guy at 6’4” tall and I have big hands to go with it.  Sometimes finding a comfortable archery release for large hands can be difficult.  I’ve had a few that were small, so let me help you and save you some time.

There are a number of different archery releases on the market, some are larger than others. There are some companies that are known for offering larger releases better suited for people with big hands and they include: Carter, Tru-Ball, Stanislawski, and Scott to name a few.

So how do you know which releases will fit your larger than the average Joe hands?  I’ve done my research and tried a bunch over the years, so hopefully I can save you some time. Let’s have a look!

Which Archery Releases for Large Hands?

Unfortunately, there’s no single type of release that fits large hands.  For example, not all handheld releases are good for your giant mitts, nor are all wrist releases.

Likewise, not all of one type will be too small for you.  Although, things like this are usually made for the masses there are some bigger releases available, you just have to know where to look.

I found a number of people that have the same issue as me with larger than average hands but not everyone agreed on which type of release was best.  Some favored handheld thumb releases while others preferred a wrist release.

However, they all agreed on one thing though. That there are more releases for your bow that are too small than there are ones that are just right and that it can be hard to figure out which ones work best.

A few brands that tend to accommodate those of us with larger than average hands are Carter, Zenith, Stanislawski, and TRU Ball.

Here are 5 great choices in no particular order.

Stanislawski Jet

I have never personally used a Stanislawski (aka Stan) release, but I’m told they are quite comfy for a range of hand sizes and are made very well.

Stan Jet 3 finger Archery Release

The Stan Jet back tension release is a well made affordable option and comes in a large size for a great fit.  Stan makes a great product and it’s hard to find a single complaint about them. 

I did find a few people with really big hands say this one’s a tad small for them. 

So if you’re in the XXL glove size area, maybe skip this one. But other, less mutant sized people should have good luck here. You can check it out on Amazon.

TRU Ball Short N’ Sweet’r S2 wrist Release

Don’t let the name fool you, while they call this the short n’ sweetr, it adjusts plenty long enough for people with large hands like you and me.

The name refers to the small tubular body of the release that allows for minimal obstruction while in your hand. 

The strap style adjustment between the body and the wrist strap allows for infinite adjustments and a wide range of draw lengths. This makes it a great option for people with large hands looking for a wrist strap style release.

The body of this release is small, so if you have some real meat hooks for hands you might feel like this one’s a bit dainty.  The length adjustment is great however which works good for somebody like me with longer hands and fingers.

This release features a swept back feather light trigger with a single travel screw for adjusting the feel.  Between the adjustable trigger and adjustable strap you should be able to find a comfortable position even if you have long fingers like me.

The last couple digits of the model number is for the wrist strap size, the most common being the L (large) but it’s also available in XL which you can get on Amazon for a decent price.

Carter Chocolate Addiction Thumb Release

This one seems to be a favorite among big handed archers.  I encountered a number of people that recommended not only the Carter Chocolate addiction, but other Carter handheld releases.

The Chocolate addiction however, seemed to come up a lot.  It’s available as either a 3 finger or 4 finger release and this really just comes down to personal preference.

This release doesn’t just stop at being bigger and more comfortable, it also boasts endless adjustments for trigger tension and travel.  It’s easy to see why people like this one. Carter makes great quality releases.

This is on my list of releases to try, I’m a wrist release shooter but I’m thinking of switching to a thumb release and the Carter Chocolate Addiction looks like a great choice.

You can pick up either the 4 finger or 3 finger version on Amazon.

Tru Ball HT Hybrid Flex

The Tru Ball HT line comes highly recommended by people wearing XL size gloves (that means big hands).  In fact the HT’s were the most commonly referenced back tension release I could find.

I decided to include the HT Hybrid Flex here because it’s in the popular HT line and it’s one I’ve had my eye on.  I still suffer from a little Target Panic from my 3D days and I’d like to try a back tension (a.k.a. hinge) release.

The Tru Ball HT Hybrid Flex offers a great deal of adjustability.  The knurled thumb peg has two options for location (most releases only have one), there’s an articulating finger piece so that you can shoot 3 or 4 finger style, and the aluminum body features a brass insert to change the overall weight and feel.

Make sure you order a size LARGE in the HT line like the one you can find here, as the medium is the most popular and may be too small for you.

Scott Archery Quick-Shot

If you’re on a budget like me AND need a release that’s going to fit your big hands then look no further than the Scott Quick-Shot.

This is actually a great release for the money and the rope connector system gives you infinite adjustability.  No more reaching back to hit the trigger.

Even though the Quick-Shot is inexpensive, you’re still getting Scott Archery’s quality and their signature Roller Sear design for this single caliper release aid.

This one’s a favorite among thrifty archers that like wrist releases and the rope connection system means you can get this to fit almost any hand comfortably.  Give it a “shot” by heading over to Amazon, they usually have a good price on this one also.

How to Pick a Release For Your Big Hands

It can be hard to find the right release regardless of your hand size, but finding one that’s comfortable for you when you’ve got Gigantor sized hands adds an extra degree of difficulty.

I have found most wrist releases to be uncomfortable unless they have a strap type connection that’s adjustable like the ones I shared above.

When it comes to handheld releases the trick is finding one that’s shaped properly and has proper finger spacing.  From what I’ve learned, Carter is especially good at this.

Before you can choose a brand however, you need to decide if you want a back tension (hinge) release, a thumb release, or a caliper release.  Also consider whether you want a wrist strap or for it to be handheld.

Head on over to my best recommended releases to check out my top picks (opens in a new tab).

If you’re unsure, it’s best to either try some out before buying or just dive in and give it a whirl if you’re willing to put up the cash. I like the security of a wrist strap, but I’m ready to try some handhelds myself. The pros definetly favor them.

You can read about how Hinge (back tension releases) work in an article I wrote by clicking here. I also compare Hook and Caliper releases in another article.

I hope I’ve been able to narrow down your choices and give you a few good options that are worth trying.  Good Luck!

Jason Brooks

Thanks for taking the time to read my article, I hope you found it helpful. I've been shooting bows for over 25 years off and on and am always interested in learning as much as I can. To read more about me, CLICK HERE

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