Best Targets

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So you have a bow, and some arrows, and a place to shoot, but nothing to shoot at? Well you’re in luck because I’m about to help you solve that problem. There is quite the plethora of options when it comes to archery targets but I’ll attempt to give you my best suggestions in a few categories that will get you the best bang for your buck. Check out my favorite picks below for more info.

Best 3D Archery Target

Delta McKenzie Hoosier Daddy 3d Deer

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Self Healing DuraFlex Foam
  • Replacement Head, Midsection, and Legs
  • Easy Arrow Pull
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✔ Made by Well Known Delta McKenzie

✔ Can replace a worn out midsection

✔ DuraFlex Foam is highly resilient


✘ Arrows tough to pull when new

✘ Some complains of the rear legs breaking

Here’s a look at what makes this one my top pick:

When it comes to 3D archery targets there’s two heavy hitters you see in the market often, Rinehart and Delta Mckenzie. Mixed in with them you’ll find a slew of off brands. Off brands are OK and a good way to save some money initially but in my experience they don’t usually hold up as well and lack the detail and visual appeal of the bigger brands.

This target has a replaceable midsection which means you save money when it wears about by not having to replace the entire target. The Hoosier Daddy deer is made with DuraFlex foam which is Delta’s heavy duty high performing foam

Want to shoot something other than Deer? Don’t worry, Delta McKenzie has you covered there too. They have wolves, bears, turkeys, and much more. Check out your options HERE!

Best Block Target

BLOCK 6 Sided Archery Target

Key Features:

  • 6 Sided Shooting
  • Polyfusion layered core
  • Portable with recessed handles for easy carrying
  • Stops field points and broadheads
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✔ 6 Sides for a long lasting target

✔ Easy Arrow removal

✔ Can handle any broadhead or field points


✘ The foam can chunk out with too much broadhead usage

✘ Some people noted imperfections where the mold is injected (i.e. Bubble)

Here’s a look at what makes this one my top pick:

Having owned a few types of targets as well as plenty of home-made ones, I appreciate something that can be shot from multiple sides. This not only helps with target longevity, but sometimes it’s just nice to mix things up a bit.

This target is a great deal with the bonus of being able to shoot field points or any type of broadhead into it. This target is on my list for when my bag target wears out.

Best Youth Archery Target

BLOCK GenZ XL Youth Target

Key Features:

  • 20″ x 22″ Target Face
  • Made in USA
  • Easy Arrow Removal
  • Good for Draw Weights up to 40lbs
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✔ Affordable and Made in USA

✔ Large Target Face stops field points or broadheads

✔ Lightweight and easy to transport


✘ It’s size and weight sometimes makes it fall over easily when shot

✘ Faster bows near 40lbs draw weight will probably blow through it

Here’s a look at what makes this one my top pick:

Another great target by the boys and girls at Feradyne. This one is great for young archers or even traditional shooters that aren’t shooting a heavy draw weight. I picked the XL version for this category because I like the larger face for youth and/beginners. However it is available in a 16″ version as well.

The only real complaint I could find about this one is that it sometimes falls over when shot. Easily remedied by sticking something behind it.