Best Archery Targets

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So you have a bow, and some arrows, and a place to shoot, but nothing to shoot at? You’re in luck because I’m about to help you solve that problem. There is quite the plethora of options when it comes to archery targets but I’ll attempt to give you my best suggestions in a few categories that will get you the best bang for your buck.

3D Archery Targets

Delta McKenzie 3D Alert Deer

When it comes to 3D archery targets there’s two heavy hitters you see in the market often, Rinehart and Delta Mckenzie. Mixed in with them you’ll find a slew of off brands. Off brands are OK and a good way to save some money initially but in my experience they don’t usually hold up as well and lack the detail and visual appeal of the bigger brands.

Delta McKenzie has been around a hot minute and they’re a reputable company. This 3D deer target which you can find on Amazon is quite popular. If Deer aren’t your jam you can also get bear, coyote, and more.

Block Targets

Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target

A great and relatively inexpensive way to shoot a ton of arrows is to shoot at a block target. A good quality block target can last you years. There are of course a ton of choices and everyone has an opinion on brand and style. This is where it pays to check reviews and see how people like or dislike the target.

I’m recommending this 22″ (also available as 18″) Black Hole target which is available on amazon for a great price. You can shoot all for sides of this target which not only gives you a little variety but also means you get more use out of the target. This target holds up well outside and I even saw one reviewer say he’s abused it for 8 years and it’s still stopping arrows. That’s alot of bang for the buck.

Youth Archery Targets

Delta Mckenzie Tuff Block

Targets suitable for youth archery typically don’t need to be made of high density foam because the kinetic energy of the arrows coming from a youth bow are far less than that of a 50 or 60 pound draw compound bow. The advantage of this is that you can buy a less expensive lighter weight target making it easy to move around and carry.

The Tuff Block by Delta Mckenzie is a great example of this as it’s about half as expensive as the block target I recommended above, is very light weight, and is bigger at 24″x24″. You still can shoot at all 4 sides, however it’s only 11″ wide when turned sideways so maybe save that for after your youth archer has some practice.