Best Compound Bows

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There are so many compound bow manufacturers out there and the price range is huge. You can spend a few hundred or a few thousand.

For the bigger brands that offer multi thousand dollar bows I would honestly recommend you visit a pro shop and shoot the bow. That’s a lot of money to drop and you want to be sure it’s what you want.

However, there are lots of nice bows available online at a decent price that are perfect for beginner and intermediate archers. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites.

Best Entry Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

If you’re looking for a great entry level compound bow, then look no further than the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 available on Amazon for a killer price.

Bear has been a staple in the archery industry since 1933 (so yeah, they know a thing or two). The company, names of course for the legendary Fred Bear, has done a great job of balancing quality and affordability through the years.

The Cruzer G2 is a perfect example. It gets you into a quality bow for a very reasonable cost. Perfect for beginners, or somebody looking to step up from an off brand or used bow.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why I like the Cruzer G2:

  • Versatility (Adjustable Draw Length 12″-30″ and weight 5-70 lbs)
  • Available in Right or Left Hand
  • Advanced grip design eliminates hand torque
  • Speeds up to 315 fps
  • Comes in a number of really cool colors!
  • Comes in a RTH (ready to hunt) package

This is a fairly short bow at 30″ axle to axle with a 6 1/2″ brace height. This makes the bow fast, and nimble. Perfect for tree stand hunters for example but not so small that it makes it unforgiving. It’s also very lightweight at only 3.1 lbs.

The Bottom Line

I would expect a bare bow like this to easily go for $500+ and Bear puts this in a ready to hunt package that comes with a sight, rest, stabilizer, and quiver. It’s good quality and will get you shooting for a reasonable price.

I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot this bow myself even after 25 years of shooting various brands. That being said, don’t expect this to compete with a $1500 bow with the newest, latest, and greatest technology.

But, you can shoot this bow all day long, hunt with it, compete with it, and feel good that it’ll perform well.

Best Older Youth Compound Bow

PSE Mini Burner

PSE Mini Burner Compound Bow

It can be hard to get a youth bow to fit just right, I mean I don’t know about your kids but mine seem to keep growing no matter what I do. As luck would have it, PSE has a nice little compound bow that grows with your youth archer.

The PSE Mini Burner, which can be found on Amazon for a great price, is a very adjustable youth bow built by a very reputable company. I mean, they have precision in their name (Precision Archery Equipment).

A couple of key reasons why this makes a great youth bow:

  • Adjustable Draw Length 16″ – 26.5″
  • Adjustable Draw Weight 25 – 40 lbs
  • Lightweight at 2.5 pounds
  • Comes with Sight, Rest, Quiver, and Stabilizer

This makes a great bow for older youth that can handle the 25 lb draw weight. If you have a younger archer looking for a good bow, keep reading.

Best Compound Bow for Kids Under 10

Bear Archery Apprentice

You may have noticed by now that I’m partial to Bear’s lineup. This isn’t because I think they’re the absolute best bow out there for everyone’s needs but rather because they provide a solid product that’s good quality at a good price. Perfect for entry level archers as well as those looking for low to mid range bows.

This Youth bow is no different, it’s a very inexpensive way to get your little guy or gal into the sport yet it’s got some nice features, head over to Amazon and have a look. It has adjustable draw weight and length in order to fit a wide range of youth archers.

Here’s the quick bullet points for why this is a great option:

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Adjustable draw weight 6-13.5 lbs
  • Adjustable draw length 13-24 inches
  • Includes finger rollers and a rest