Recurve VS Compound Bow

Recurve or Compound – Which Bow is More Powerful?

Recurve or Compound Bow? Discover which bow packs the most punch and which is right for you. Read our expert comparison now!

graphic woman firing a bow on a range

What Happens If You Dry Fire a Compound Bow? Is It Ruined?

If you’ve never dry fired a compound bow before, consider yourself lucky.  While I’ve been lucky myself and not accidentally done it, I have been around others who have and it can be nerve wracking, a bit scary, and a total bummer.   Dry Firing a ...

A Guy Pondering what to spend on a compound bow

How Much to Spend on Your First Compound Bow (New or Used?)

If you’re new to archery and looking for a compound bow the price ranges may seem a bit overwhelming.  What if you spend too little, are you going to get a piece of junk? If you spend a lot and don’t like it, is it ...

Archer using a Thumb Release Aid

What is an Archery Release? A Beginner’s Guide

Chances are good that if you’ve been exposed to archery at all, especially compound bows, you’ve heard about archery releases, also known as release aids.  But what even IS an archery release, how do they work, and do you need one?  With any luck this ...

Best Archery Releases under $100 – 4 Different Styles

I’ve been using a release aid with my compound bow for over 20 years now.  My favorite release when I was a teen shooting my PSE Brute Force was a Jim Fletcher fletchmatic rope release.  I loved that thing.  With the advent of the popular ...

Young Girl clipping release to compound bow

Archery Release for Youth – Which Ones are Best?

I was talking with my daughter about her trying out a release soon, but I wasn’t sure what was available for youth releases.  It was hard to find much info online, but I did some research and decided to share. There are a limited number ...

man shooting arrow at archery target in woods

Is Archery a Good Hobby? 7 Reasons to Get Started

Most people have been exposed to archery in one way or another. Maybe they saw it on TV, or tried it in school, or have a friend that does archery. Whatever the case may be, not everyone is sure that archery is for them. Is ...

snow storm in a neighborhood

Leaving Archery Targets Outside: Which type is best?

There are a number of different types of archery targets you can use. If you’re like me and have the option to shoot in your back yard then you may be wondering about leaving your archery target out in the weather, and which type will ...

Arrows in Bullseye of Target

Best Archery Distance for Beginners? (Getting Started)

You might be just getting started with archery, or perhaps you’re still researching before you actually do start and you’re wondering what’s the best distance to stand from the target. There are some factors to consider such as your age (youth or adult) and the ...

Man Firing a bow and arrow

Should you Shoot a Bow with both eyes open?

Whether you’re brand new to archery or you’re a seasoned shooter, you might be confused about whether you should be shooting a bow with both of your eyes open or not. I started shooting when I was 12 years old and it wasn’t until a ...

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